Hi everybody, Flowers Whisperer is pleased to offer you the most convenient way to buy flowers online. Before you make your special order, please take few minutes to review our general conditions of purchase. Your agreement with these general conditions implied when you purchase our products. The purpose of Flowers Whisperer is give you a feeling of happiness, so we hope everything goes well. 
 Returns & Refunds
We value our customers deeply and we consistently make every effort to satisfy your expectations. If something does go wrong, however, we offer refunds and exchanges under certain circumstances.
 We guarantee that our flowers will last for a minimum of three to five days after you receive them. If your flowers do not last this long, you are eligible for a full refund or an exchange for flowers of the same value.
 (Please note: You will not be eligible for a refund if you have not taken proper care of your flowers. Please take the time to  read through our Flower Care leaflet when you receive your purchase.)
 We do not offer refunds to customers who change their minds,  so please choose your flowers wisely.
Delivery Information
In order to ensure same-day delivery, please order your flowers before 1pm on weekdays and before 9am on weekends.



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