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What’s The Perfect Flower That You Can Send to Your Bestie?

Do you have a great friend who has been with you during your hard and best times in your life? Well, you are so lucky! Why not celebrate your friendship as well as your friend’s special occasions like birthday, wedding or anniversary with a bunch of flowers? No matter what the mood or occasion, send flowers to your bestie to show how much you appreciate them.

Wondering what flowers to send to your pal? Great question! Yellow is regarded as the traditional colour of friendship. All yellow-coloured flowers are perfect to be sent to your friend and here is a list for you!


Yellow roses are the most typical friendship flower that symbolises happiness, friendship and new beginning. They are the perfect way to renew a friendly relationship and a delightful way to show that you care and want to hang on with you forever.


Sunflowers follow the direction of the sun across the sky, and thus, they are thought to represent loyalty and adoration. With their bright yellow colour, sunflowers make a cheerful statement throughout the year and remind your bestie that you will be a friend forever.


Packed with petals, chrysanthemums symbolise a festive spirit of hopefulness and joyfulness. If you are pleased about your friendship and have optimism for the future of your relationship, then chrysanthemums would be a perfect flower to include in your next bouquet.


Yellow daffodils carry the hope of joy, good fortune and new beginnings. These lively flowers are ideal for celebrating a new friendship or for sending good luck wishes to a friend who is starting a new venture.


Gerberas are long-lasting blooms that come in a wide range of colours and have a variety of meanings. However, the yellow ones that relate to friendship denote happiness, purity, pride and energy.

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